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Week 4 Advanced Filming and Editing  4 Feb - 10 Feb 2013 (redirected from Week 4 Post production 30 Jan - 5 Feb)

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Week 4   Advanced Filming and Editing

Now we will build on the basics we have been exploring by working on more advanced editing, including lip synching narration if necessary and cutting or lengthening clips.


Moderators:  Barbara Novelli, Jens Nerido




Wed, 6 February 2013, 7pm GMT / 11am SLT

(2h) http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p2c1sk37372/

(30min) http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p6m8sss2080/  Carol's mini-workshop on how to create lights and how to use gestures)

Sat, 9 February 2013, 6pm GMT / 10am SLT

(1h5min) http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p74odb4brml/

Sun, 10 February 2013 4am GMT / Sat 8pm SLT (Asian time zone friendly)


Meeting Location:  EduNation in Second Life, MachinEVO Platform  http://slurl.com/secondlife/EduNation/177/139/1001


Livestream Link:  http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/machinevo



  • Required:  Raw footage of group's machinima

  • Optional:   Machinima made from still photos




             Advanced editing:

                            Separating video and audio tracks

                            Breaking tracks into scene/cut-sized chunks

                            Correcting split points

                            Lengthening short footage

                            Altering narration


             Additional tips and techniques

                            Improving FPS

                            Automatic captioning

                            Films within a film

                            Opening multiple viewers to enable one person to manipulate many avatars


Useful Links:


Tasks to Complete by Next Week:


     Rough editing of footage






2.      Films within a film (aka pictures within a picture or watermarks)—to increase the mystery or cinemagraphic beauty of your machinima or to have  inserts that explain or illustrate some of your points or indicate a flashblack, consider making films within your film.


A.     Add  second lines of video and audio tracks above the tracks you already have.


B.     Change the size and position of these add-ins in your previewing screen so they only take up a portion of the screen.


C.     Edit the content of these tracks like you edited your other tracks.


3.      Sets--in Second Life, you can create your own sets by making a hollow cube from 4-6  enlarged and flattened cubes.


A.     You can’t just use a hollowed out cube from the building menu because it will not allow you to place different textures on each of your interior walls. 


B.     Put pictures/textures of appropriate scenery on the interior and exterior sides of your cube’s walls and ceiling and floor if you’ve added them.  

C.     Make one exterior side of the cube and the ceiling transparent so onlookers and camera people can see what’s happening inside without disturbing the actors.


D.     Make all sides of the cube phantom so actors  can easily enter and exit.


E.     Place appropriate objects from your inventory inside your cube to enhance its 3-D quality.


F.     Finally, pick everything up as a single object so your set becomes similar to a holodeck in that it can be quickly rezzed.


4.      Costumes—for each of your costumed character, create an alt that you buy or make the costume for so students can access this costumed character and neither you nor your students have to make multiple purchases of the same item.

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