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MachinEVO Award Ceremony


Sunday, 4 March 2012, 11am SL | 7pm GMT


Your local time: http://tinyurl.com/MachinEVOAwardCeremony

Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/machinevo 


L I S T  O F  A W A R D S


  • Winner of the (Best video as a whole)MachinEVO Award  is Wynshel Heir's "If I could fly..."

  • Winners of the Best Director MachinEVO Award are Jens Nerido and RosaVioletta

  • Winner of the Best Art Direction MachinEVO Award is Wynshel Heir

  • Winner of the Best Digital Story Telling MachinEVO Award is Wynshel Heir and Jens Nerido's group 

  • Winner of the Best Machinimatography (Best Camera) MachinEVO Award  is Wynshel Heir

  • Winner of Best Avatar Design MachinEVO Award is Alfonso Pfefferle's Spanish Group 

  • Winner of the Best Soundtrack MachinEVO Award is Wynshel Heir

  • Winner of the Best Film Editing MachinEVO Award is Jens Nerido's group 

  • Winner of the Best Visual / Special Effects MachinEVO Award Jens Nerido's and Rosavioletta's Italian group

  • Winner of the Best Second Life Animation MachinEVO Award is Barbara Novelli's group and Wynshel Heir





GROUP 1 - Alfonso Pfefferle and his team Losairam, Tunjuana, Ines and Bettina 



Alfonso Pfefferle and his team:  Losairam, Tunjuana, Ines, and Bettina

Part 1:  http://youtu.be/pGflnFZatLY

Part 2:  http://youtu.be/L_js8bbbgaE

Part 3:  http://youtu.be/o3liqCfftWA

Part 4:  http://youtu.be/9eP2EiBksG8

Part 5:  http://youtu.be/tolFVpLHJgw


Playlist on youtube















GROUP 2 - MAC USERS - Tee Austin and her MAC Group - Marisa


This group had not the time/means/opportunity to submit a finished video. But you may consider she/he/they nevertheless deserve one of the below awards because of the participation to MachinEvo-2012. So feel free to give an award that may fit, if you think it is deserved :o)




GROUP 3 ITALIAN) Rosavioletta and her group - Anette Lionheart - Marius Madrigal - CorDeRosa - SuNacht : "Rose e coeri - una serata particolare"


A restaurant conversation (original soundtrack is Italian - no subtitles - that is to invite you to learn italian ....*grin*)







GROUP 4 - GERMAN - Gwen Gasi - Almut Brunswick - [Still want to create some... too busy! (Gwen)]


This group had not the time/means/opportunity to submit a finished video. But you may consider she/he/they nevertheless deserve one of the below awards because of the participation to MachinEvo-2012. So feel free to give an award that may fit, if you think it is deserved :o)





GROUP 5 - MOON (International) - Jens Nerido and his group members Vicky Hollett, Almut Brunswick, Barbara, Nany and Julia 









GROUP 6 - Wynshel Heir's machinima :  "IF I COULD FLY..."


It's more than a drill, it is a wonderfull way to give a poetic sense to grammar, thanks to her very beautifull and relaxing voice, as well as thanks to some outstanding locations !









GROUP 7 - CRIME STORY - Barbara McQueen aka Barbara Novelli and her group Luar, Dai, Shelwyn and Fatima  "The Untimely Death of Peter Profit"




Grace Coy. . . Barbara McQueen

Luar Pessoa

Police Officer . . . Dai Galaxy

Police Station Receptionist . . . Shelwyn Corrigan

Old Woman . . . Shelwyn Corrigan

Female Friend #2  . . . Fatima Barrowstone

Additional Voices . . . Barbara Novelli (Barbara McQueen)




Adapted from the Murder She Wrote game entitled “The Deadly Catch” available from www.BigFishGames.com

Screen play by Barbara McQueen

Set design by Barbara McQueen and Language.Lab.com

Music:  “Black Day” by Alex Khaskin

Filmed in English City, a creation of LanguageLab.com








GROUP 8 - NO SUBMISSION YET - Giovanni Tweak and ...


This group had not the time/means/opportunity to submit a finished video. But you may consider she/he/they nevertheless deserve one of the below awards because of the participation to MachinEvo-2012. So feel free to give an award that may fit, if you think it is deserved :o)




GROUP 9 - FRENCH - Karelia Kondor and her group - DeeSnow - DevLink Garside - Claire Pascale -Amandina - Patch - (and the frog) : "ARCACHON!"


A French family visits Arcachon to choose a gite where they can stay. There are  4 short clips (each about 3/4 mins) .. the last one has a surprise and the credits!


Part 1:  http://youtu.be/vKcgv28TsJY

Part 2:  http://youtu.be/ifJ7JoLTFeI

Part 3:  http://youtu.be/eHQpNAZvO2g

Part 4:  http://youtu.be/XvVK7W8Fni0



House 1:




House 2: 



House 3:



House 4 & Surprise & Credits:





GROUP 10 - LIVESTREAMING - Howdy Colter, Dotcircle, Jens Nerido and Heike aka Gwen Gwasi produced some 20 recordings of all of the event




Watch live streaming video from machinevo at livestream.com




Be all the participants (and voters!) of MachinEvo 2012 very much thanked for having made this experience a real success, and also for having contributed to help the worldwide educators community to feel more at ease to set up new, creative and wonderfull educational & linguistical ressources for our learners all over the world !


ABOVE ALL, we would like to thank from the bottom of our heart our expert advisors



Gromit Mayo 


In real life Gromit Mayo is an excecutive producer of a video commercials company and he has been doing this for a good 15 years. In Second Life Gromit is one of the actionaries of the Germany 3D community in Second Life and administers their Beethoven, Schiller and Bach Sims, which connect virtual Cologne to virtual Berlin. He is part of the 'train project' of Germany 3D and is a technical wizzkid, builds HUDs and tools and amazing scripted objects.

.... MORE   

Charlie Navarathna

Charlie Navarathna is a member of the Machinima  group and  has created many sl videos, from a Virtually Speaking meeting to Fashion shows and even an sl wedding. His recent production included the 60sec CNN promo video of First Responder simulating a rescue operation after a national disaster as executive producer for and with film director Patrick Thorkveld. In real life Charlie is a high profile video producer, who has been producing recordings of live events (conferences, dance and theatre performances) for more than 20 years after founding and building a successful recording studio which has seen several platinum productions. ... MORE 


Howdy Colter


Machinimatographer  (description coming soon)

RFL 2012 Telethon Lead

RFL 2012 Water Activities Lead

  Lowri Mills Languagelab.com (description coming soon) 



Hugs - Your moderator team

Randall Sadler aka Randall Renoir

Carol Rainbow aka Carolrb Roux

Marius Madrigal

Marisa Constantinides aka Marisa Orellana

Dennis Newson aka Osancantab Nesterov

Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi


AND Dafne Gonzalez aka Daf as our assigned EVO moderator





The text below is the original version of this page when we started MachinEvo and is now no longer up to date - as you may have guessed :o)


Week 5 

Film festival


During week five we will plan a film festival as the finale for the whole event when there there will be an award for the best film. A program will be created using various locations on EduNation 1 and 3, possibly using the British Computer Society island if necessary. 


The locations will be decorated with flowers, posters and whatever the delegates consider necessary.


Invitations to the screenings will be made and extended to all who have been involved and their guests as well as opportunities for the public to see the work.


The machinimas may be shown several times throughout the week to enable people from different parts of the world to attend.


Experts will be invited to come and judge the work along with a special guest to present the prize. All will be expected to attend the final awards ceremony, which will have all of the glitz and glamour of any similar event!




Planning the film festival:

  • Plan a program of screening events in various venues
  • Decide who should be invited, create invitation and extend invitations
  • Advertise the public screenings
  • Prepare venues with lights, banners, balloons, posters, plant or flowers, the red carpet, champagne etc., as required
  • Act as hosts so that there are some people to welcome the audience and explain things as well as pouring the champagne at every event
  • Make notecards explaining any special techniques, effects or storylines to be shared at the event if required.
  • Dress for the occasion, take photographs, share the experience through blogs on the Ning etc.



SL Skills

  • Making posters
  • Sending IM invitations
  • Preparing the venue with appropriate decorations
  • Using voice / showing video 


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