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Film Festival MachinEVO 2013

Page history last edited by Heike Philp 11 years, 3 months ago

We proudly present the winners of the two groups of machinima producers, those of the '1st Year'  and the '2nd Year'.


Recording of the grand Film Festival (2h including dancing): http://lancelot.adobeconnect.com/p6ddsaal9eh/


We asked a jury of some 12 machinima professionals to help judge, who should receive one or more of the following MachinEVO awards. Many thanks for voting so diligently, we are indebted.


  • Daniel Moshel, TV producer, director of login2life ZDF documentary 
  • Bryn Oh, machinimatographer and artist in Second Life
  • Draxtor Despres award-winning film maker, musician & former radio news guy
  • Pooky Amsterdam, award-winning Pooky Media crafts video
  • JayJayZifanwe of University of Western Australia, machinima UWA challenge organizer
  • Mikkel Stout, co-director of 'My Avatar and Me' TV fantasy documentary
  • Rob Gould, cameraman of 'My Avatar and Me'
  • Gromit Mayo, video commercial producer in real life
  • Natasha Randt, 2nd prize winner of UWA Challenge
  • Karima Hoisan, 2nd prize winner of UWA Challenge
  • Marius Madrigal, German - French teacher in Paris
  • Tom Layton, founder of Cyber School and Alice Academy in SL


And here there are, the winners of MachinEVO 2013!!!


  1st Year (Videos are listed below) 2nd Year 
Best Director Christel Schneider: 'Why Second Life?' Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Best Digital Story Telling

Christel Schneider: 'Why Second Life?'  and

Valredcat and HazelDazel: Daffodils

Heike Philp und Micha Hajtos, Pat und Otti, 
Best Machinimatography (Best Camera) Lira, Xarliez, & Aurie: 'Te Toca'  Heike Philp und Micha Hajtos, Pat und Otti, 
Best Film Editing Lira, Xarliez, & Aurie: 'Te Toca'  Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Best Visual / Special Effects Valredcat and HazelDazel: Daffodils Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Best Machinima as a Whole Shi, Lee: 'Chinese hotel check-in'  Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Best Language Learning Machinima Shi, Lee: 'Chinese hotel check-in'   Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Best Informative Machinima Christel Schneider: 'Why Second Life?'  Barbara Novelli, How to create Machinima...'
People's Choice Award Christel Schneider: 'Why Second Life?' Carol Rainbow. 'Cats and Dog Idioms'
Honorable mentions Coco & Christoph: 'Un Autre Monde'  


Thank you for voting!!! 



1st YEAR


Shi Palianta, 'Checking into a hotel in China', starring Lee, Numa and Gwen, 5min 45sec




Christel Schneider, 'Why Second Life?', starring Letty, Gerhilde, Carol and others, 7 min 57sec




Valredcat, 'Daffodils', starring HazelDazel, 2min 34sec





Lira, 'Te Toca', Spanish, starring Xarliez, Aurie Deluxe and others, 5 min 21sec





Coco & Christoph, 'Un Autre Monde', French, 1min 11sec




To vote for the 'Best Machinima as a Whole - People's Choice award, please click on the following Google Docs form.




2nd YEAR


Jens Kjaer-Olsen, 'MachinEVO trailer', 1min 13sec





Carol Rainbow, 'Dog Idioms', 4min6sec




Carol Rainbow, 'Cat idioms', 4min 8sec




Rosavioletta, 'The year of the dragon', 2min



In the year of the dragon 2012 from Angela Rizzo on Vimeo.


Lynne Hand, Interview with a Virtlantean - April', starring April, 5min 18sec




Lynne Hand, Interview with a Virtlantean - Kip, starring Kip Yellowjacket, 14min 53sec




Barbara Novelli, 'Instructions for How to Make a Machinima from Still Photos', 12 min 24sec




Barbara Novelli, 'Instructions for How to Make a Machinima from Live Footage', 11 min 51sec




Barbara Novelli, 'Briefly Alice', 4min 8sec




Heike Philp, Pat and Otti (Part 1), German, narration and author Micha Hajtos, 8min 42sec




Heike Philp, 'Otti und die Schafe (Part 2)', German, narration Micha Hajtos, 8min 41sec




Tuanjana, 'Un día de Cine con la Familia Gómez', Spanish, starrring Ines, Losairam, Alfonso and Gwen, 5min 42sec




To vote for the 'Best Machinima as a Whole - People's Choice award, please click on the following Google Docs form.





Daniel Moshel, director and producer at ZDF, one of the main public TV stations of Germany. Moshel is a gamer and award winning director. During his multi media studies he directed his 1st fictional short film called 'komA', which successfully has been screened on several film festivals and in TV. 2003 he founded his production company Moshel Film, making awarded sports documentaries, image films and advertisements. In 2009 he produced the short "Der Doppelgaenger" (Director: Stephanie Winter) obtaining therefore the 'Excellence Award' of the Short Film Festival in Busan (South Korean). 'Login2Life' is his first feature length documentary. 'Metube'  his recent project, is classical music video, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers.


Bernhard Drax aka Draxtor Despres is an award-winning filmmaker, musician & former radio news guy, originally from Munich, Germany. Drator and Pooky Amsterdam made "Flufee" - (link to Face Book page)


Pooky Amsterdam Award winning PookyMedia crafts video in this hot new genre for web series, video ads, branded content, public service announcements, sizzle reels and more. Our YouTube channel has over a million and a half views. Pooky Amsterdam and Drator Despres made "Flufee" - (link to Face Book page)


Bryn Oh is the ghost artist of a Toronto oil painter. My interest in virtual worlds began with an attempt to create an artist unaligned with a RL identity. The idea was to see if a pixel character could become successful and accepted as an artist in real life alongside flesh and blood ones. I see what we do in virtual worlds as the frontier to a new medium with the capability to create unique forms of art.

So far Bryn's work has been shown at Nuit Blanche, the World Expo in Shanghai (Madrid Pavilion), with IBM, in movies such as "My avatar and me" or in projects with people such as director Peter Greenaway (Big Bang) and artist Stelarc. A Web3D Conference presenter in Paris, France as well as profiled on RAI TV in Italy and Art21. Bryn exhibits in various Universities worldwide and is also on the syllabus of many. Currently she is the subject of three Thesis works (http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/etd/1031/) and has just received a New Media grant from the Canadian Government. Recently Bryn was written about in Vogue magazine (Italy) and exhibited at a museum in Rome(RL -Museo in Commune) as well as the Santa Fe new media festival.


JayJay Zifanwe aka Jay Jay Jegathesan (RL)- Manager School of Physics/University of Western Australia (UWA) Lead of UWA Virtual World


Mikkel Stolt aka Mike Proud Co-director together with Bente Milton of the Danish film  "My Avatar and Me" (Face Book link) which is a Danish documentary-fantasy about Mikkel and Mike in both Second and Real Life.

Supported by New Danish Screen, MEDIA, ARTE/ZDF, YLE. The film premiered on ZDF/ARTE March 2010 and is shown at many festivals - Fenrisfilm.dk 


Rob Gould - Deviant Media - making films in virtual worlds - Cameraman of the Danish film  "My Avatar and Me". The film premiered on ZDF/ARTE March 2010 and is shown at many festivals.


Gromit Mayo  In real life Gromit Mayo is an excecutive producer of a video commercials company and he has been doing this for a good 17 years. In Second Life Gromit is one of the actionaries of the Germany 3D community in Second Life and administers their Beethoven, Schiller and Bach Sims, which connect virtual Cologne to virtual Berlin. He is part of the 'train project' of Germany 3D and is a technical wizzkid, builds HUDs and tools and amazing scripted objects.  After a rather long day in a highly charged job and with all that he does in in Second Life, it is hardly suprising that Gromit spends his last few hours before midnight as hobby DJ. If you ever get a chance to listen to his amazing mixes, come to the Sound which is a virtual club in the heart of the Berlin sim and be at awe and I am sure you will agree, that he is even one of the best DJs in Second Life. Here is his RL bio  http://www.vogelsaenger.tv/index.php?article_id=96&people=1.

Please also check his site here on the wiki, as last year, he contributed greatly to our know-how by sharing freely. 



Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan (Karima's channal) the filmmakers of “SEEK WISDOM” (2nd price) -  UWA V Machinima Challenge 2012 and "Where Are You?" winner of The MadPea Production's Nightmare at the Carnevale dec. 2012


Marius Madrigal is a German born in France, living in Paris (France) where he has been working as a German teacher for many years in the public sector such as a scientific secondary school and private sector to companies such as ARTE, a renown French-German cultural TV-Channel. Very much interested by the information technologies in the educational and language teaching field, he is also teaching computing and runs his own e-learning platforms for his various students (Moodle & Chamilo) for a number of years. In 2007 he won the ECDL (European Computing Drivers Licence) Challenge in France with his students (PCIE d'Or - Golden ECDL). He has been present in Second Life for several years and is a member of the SLanguages organizing Comitee. In 2012 he participated at Machinevo 2012 and his machinima with the Italian group won the prize for best visual / special effects.


Tom Layton

Tom pioneered the use of technology to empower learning. In 1984 he was selected as Electronic Learning Magazine's Educator of the Year. The following year, his students created the first high school yearbook on a CD and the year after that those same students founded SouthTECH, a student run multimedia production company. In 1994 he founded CyberSchool, the first Internet-based public high school distance learning program. Tom's students now work for companies like Pixar, Apple, and Intel.

Specialties: Officially retired, but still volunteer for non-profits in the areas of Distance Learning and Education in Immersive Enviroments.

Currently, Tom continues developing Alice Academy, a teacher training facility in the virtual world of Second Life.



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