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MachinEVO 2015 Week 3

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Week 3: 26 January - 1 February 2015


Basic filming and editing - Moderators  Alfonso, Hazel & Carol



  • During week 3 we will be visiting places in Second Life suitable for filming.  The bulk of the work in machinima, and in this session, will be the collection of the required shots to make a story. Participants can film for their own script, or to assemble footage compiled to create a story at the end of a project.



Filming steps 

1.  Set up

2.  Record

3.  Stop

4.  Set up at a different angle

5.  Record

6.  Stop 

Repeat this process until you have lots of footage from several different angles.


 Skills to master inside your editing program:

          1.  Importing media

                             2.  Building tracks

                             3.  Clipping / splitting footage

                             4.  Adding motion to stills:

                                           a.  Zooming and panning

                                           b.  Rotation

                            5.  Adding transitions

                            6.  Adding narration

                            7.  Adding a title and credits

                            8.  Adding music



Guest talk: How to use Holodecks for Machinima Making by Randall Sadler

Holodecks are complete scenes packed away in an electronic box which can be rezzed (made visible) in an instant with one click. Randall will demonstrate their use and teach participants how to use the ones that are available on EduNation.



Imagine being able to touch a button and magic up these rooms for filming:



Aquarium Life

Arcade Hall

Art Deco Lounge


Blue Cat Jazz Club

Borg Cube

Boutique Renoir

Bus station

Calico Tower

Castle Renoir

Conference Table

Dara's Diner

Dining Room

Egytian Tomb

Forest Seating

Galaxy Class


Graveyard (Halloween)

Haunted House (Halloween)

Hotel Lobby

Island Retreat

Lecture Hall

Library room

Library 2


Mega Temple

Moon base

Moveie Theatre

Mystic Forest

Old Mill

Oval Office



Slum City

Snow Cave



Swimming Pool

Tiki Hut

Winter Wonderland


Virtual Office


Guess what - you can! Do not miss this important session.

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