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MachinEVO 2015 Week 5

Page history last edited by Hazeldazel 9 years, 7 months ago

Week 5: 9 - 15 February 2015


The Final cut - : Karelia,  Alfonso, Hazel, Carol, Dennis (Osna),  Ann Nowak, Shelwyn.


The Final editing, uploading and VIEWING of other’s works for the wrap party.


Any editing issues that have come up will be resolved, file sizes will be reduced, and finished products will be uploaded to online video platforms.  Then at the end of the week,  there will be a wrap party where we will invite the participants to watch some of the video productions.


For those members of the teaching profession unfamiliar with the term “wrap” party, it is the party held by the cast and crew of a movie to celebrate its end. It is time to wrap up and go home. “Wrap” parties are bitter-sweet affairs ……… because tomorrow it is time to go hunting for the next job.



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